Banana Green Tea

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You are able to set up a subscription for this tea, you can choose whether you would like us to send you this tea on a weekly basis or monthly basis to save you the hassle of having to order each time.

Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions


About Banana Green Tea

China Sencha Green Tea delicately scented with Tropical flavours of Banana. To this blend we add pieces of Banana to enhance the Infusion. A bright green tea with lovely taste notes and aromas of Banana.

Type of Tea:  Flavoured Green Tea.

Ingredients: Chinese Sencha Green tea (90 %), Banana Chips and Natural Flavouring.

Brewing Guide: Using water at a temperature of 75-80 degrees, brew for 2-3 minutes depending on taste.

How to Serve: As it is or as an Iced Tea.

Tasting Notes: Sweet tropical Banana taste with a delicate aroma.

Colour in Cup: A deep green liquor.

Pack sizes available:  50g, 125g, 250g, 500g, 1 Kilo. We pack everything fresh to order, nothing is off the shelf ! We pack all our teas in a unique material which combines card and foil, regarded as the best for retaining freshness and quality.

Storage:  In an airtight container away from strong smells and sunlight.

Health Benefits: A flavoured Green Tea with Natural detoxifying characteristics. A high Vitamin C content this makes makes this tea a really health infusion to battle against winter illness.

Advice on tea you might like: Juniper and Lemon Sencha Green Tea

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    Ланч, Полдень

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    Водный баланс, Для похудения, Освежающий, Расслабляющий

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    Листовой чай

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    My husband says its nice but he prefers just banana. You can taste a gentle hint of coconut in this one.

  • Customer Comment

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    Lovely tea. Really tasteful and refreshing.

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